Our Services

Interior and Exterior Painting and Decorating

Decorators in London undertake all aspects of Interior and exterior painting and decorating, and also undertake a wide range of repair and maintenance work.

Painting newly built MDF units is a specialty of ours, we always obtain the best possible finish and only use quality paints. We hang all types of wall coverings from a feature wall to your entire house, we have it covered. Water based paints are very popular now because of the environmental impact of oil based paints, all of the top brands now have water based paints and they've improved so much that they're now preferred by most professionals.

Our services include:

All pre-decorating preparation, Interior decorating, Exterior decorating , Exterior repairs , Woodwork repairs, Wall repairs, Ceiling repairs, All paint finishes, Plastering, Tiling, Window repairs and all types of wall coverings.